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Paisley and Damask

Paisley and Damask Wall Coverings

As long as humans have had walls, wall coverings have been in demand. Modern damask wallpaper, often made of vinyl rather than traditional textiles, is a tasteful and lovely way to accent the walls of your home or business. In the past damask wallpaper and wall coverings were actually the same fabrics that window drapes and table linens were made of. But today, the same tasteful paisley patterns can be achieved with ease and style in alternative materials.

Because they are manufactured with less expense and a greater range of tastefully contrasting color schemes, paisley pattern fabric wall coverings offer decorators or homeowners a broader palette of understated yet highly detailed and beautiful options. You may elect to offset your traditional dining suite with a boldly Persian damask print or highlight the rich textures of a modern study or office with subtly hued paisley fabric wallpaper. Putting a modern twist on your home has never been easier than with our Damask print wallpaper décor. Contact us to find out about our special discounts for resellers and design professionals today!