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Modern Mica Textured Wall Coverings

Sometimes updating your current space to a brand new look only takes one simple change. Updating your furniture and tearing out your rugs is expensive and sometimes doesn’t end up making you feel any better about your home. By investing in wall coverings and wall paper, you can change the entire room, not just the things in it. Our mica stone wall paper gives a luxurious and exotic feel to any room in your home.

Give your entryway a glamourous shimmer with our Fine Mica Antique Gold Wallcovering or give your dining room a more sophisticated look with our Fine Mica Midnight Blue Wallcovering. These are just two options of natural mica mineral wall coverings that we offer at Grasscloth and More. If you can’t decide what shade of mica you’d like, we offer samples of our mica material wall coverings at a low cost so you can see just how it looks in your particular space. Shop our broad selection of luxury Mica wallpaper for home today! If you are a reseller or design professional, check out our special discount section!