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Vertical String Silk Wall Coverings

Vertical string fabric wall coverings offer the warmth of fabric without the use of a defined or formal pattern. Mimicking the use of raw silk to cover walls of affluent homes, vertical string textile wall paper offers designers or home owners a less expensive way to achieve the rich, organic texture of unfinished silk without the investment.

Whether the intended effect is one of rustic simplicity or the elevated imitation of rustic chic designs, vertical string textured wall paper is a fantastic way in which to tie a room concept together. From knobby burlap to finely woven unfinished silks, these wall coverings catch and give back the light in a variety of charming ways, and are available in a remarkable array of shades. Whether you desire a deep sapphire blue silk or an earthy beige twine wall covering, our selection of vertical string wall coverings are an excellent choice.