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Cork Wallcoverings | Grasscloth + More

Cork Wallcoverings from Grasscloth + More make a unique and eco-friendly solution to transform your walls. Made from natural cork bark, these contemporary wallcoverings add both style and functionality to any space.

Cork Wallcoverings offer a natural and warm appearance, with their rich texture and earthy tones - from natural or metallic coated cork wall coverings. The unique patterns and grains of the cork bark create a visually intriguing backdrop, adding a touch of organic charm to your interior design.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, Cork Wallcoverings provide excellent insulation and sound absorption properties. These grasscloth wallcoverings help to regulate temperature, reduce echo, and create a peaceful atmosphere, making them perfect for home offices, bedrooms, or entertainment areas.

Cork wallcoverings go great in any room in your home. Use these beautiful textured wallcoverings as accent walls, in your home office, or in your child's playroom. You'll love the unique design elements of these luxury wallcoverings.

Enjoy the natural beauty and functionality of Cork Wallcoverings from Grasscloth + More. Shop these contemporary wallcoverings, a sustainable style you'll love, today.